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Unique handmade ceramic statues, pet memorial stones and urns.


A pet is a companion, a faithful friend. They give unconditional love and can

comfort without words. You experience a lot together.

You share joys and sorrows. The death of a pet is a major event.

To give your deceased dog, cat, rabbit, horse or any other pet a nice place after death, Huberts Art has developed a unique collection of memorial stones and hours. A personal note can be added to these memorial stones and urns.

Ask about the many possibilities.


       Pet urns

     Unique memorial stones

Ecological urns

Handmade pet urn, no second is alike. Much time and attention has been paid to the design and decoration to make each urn a unique item. Due to the appearance, these urns are very suitable for storing your pet's ashes. With the option to add a personal note as a reminder.


With a memorial stone you create a special burial place for your loyal friend. There is also the possibility to add a personal note to this unique memorial stone; e.g. the name, parting sentence or drawing of your animal's nicest toys. Discuss your wishes with Huberts Art. A lot is possible.

This ecological urn is made in an environmentally friendly way. Only natural raw materials are used in the manufacture. The power for baking in the oven comes from solar energy. The urn can be written on with colored pencil, for example with a beautiful drawing or farewell sentence

Special edition ECO urns.


Unique handmade urns and memorial stones for horses

The emotional bond between man and horse is centuries old. Through the relationship with your horse you get to know his character, sensitivity and curiosity. There are no words for the loss you experience when you miss his closeness. Huberts Art has developed a special horse urn for this beautiful and sensitive animal. The complete ashes of the horse can be kept in this unique urn. A symbol of your love.

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