Environmentally friendly  ecological urns


I developed the ecological urn because I wanted an urn that was made environmentally friendly, only natural raw materials were processed and baked on solar energy, for this the oven burns completely on self-generated electricity. The idea was that the urn would revert to its natural elements over time. That is why these eco urns are fired at a lower temperature so that the process from clay to ceramics has stopped just before the irreversible. The humidity then determines the process and time that the “pre-baked” clay returns to its natural state. I no longer bother you with technical information, but it works and that is a very nice way to give everything back to nature in an environmentally friendly way.

You and/or your family members and friends can write a parting sentence on the urn with colored pencil. You then decide whether and when the urn will be buried or placed in water, that gives time and peace to say goodbye.

To find out how big the urn should be, click here for info.


On the eco urns you can write nice personal texts with a colored pencil. These decay naturally with the urn.