Unique handmade urns and memorial stones for horses.


Huberts Art makes ecological pet urns. A horse lover asked me if it is possible to make this for these beautiful animals. I have developed an urn especially for horses,

in which the complete ashes of a horse can be kept.

The horse urn consists of two parts, a column and a ball. The ashes are kept in both parts. The pillar with the most ashes can be buried in a special place after the

mourning period, for example in a garden or on a pasture.

Over time, this pillar will dissolve and everything will be returned to nature.

The ball urn can be kept as a memorial or buried with the pillar.

Of course you can also give the pillar with a ball urn a nice place near you.

The horse urn is made to order. In consultation, something personal can also

be added to the urn, such as the horse's name or hair or

a beautiful poem on the pillar.


All your wishes and ideas can be discussed with me.

Feel free to contact me for a beautiful and unique urn.

Kind regards, Andreas

A keepsake of your horse keeps the memory alive.
More about horse urns at www.paardenurnen.nl 
from HubertsArt