A pet is a companion, a faithful friend. They give unconditional love and can comfort without words. The death of a pet is a traumatic event. To give your deceased dog, cat, rabbit or any other pet a good and respectful place after death, I make a collection of memorial stones and urns. An urn gives a good feeling that the deceased pet is still close by.

For those who have chosen a burial place, the memorial stones are a great way to add something tangible.

A third option is an ecological urn. These are baked at a low temperature. You can bury the urn later or put it in water, then the urn will dissolve over time. You and your family members and friends can write a parting word on the urn with a colored pencil. You then decide whether and when you place the urn.

I can add a personal note to the memorial stones and urns; e.g. process the name, a farewell sentence or the nicest toy.

I know very well what goodbye means, and in consultation I would like to process your thoughts and wishes. Feel free to contact me, I'm happy to help you.