This story is about me. Soon also about you if you are interested in my artworks. Above all, it is about happiness and goodbye to our loyal pets because they are certainly entitled to that.

Now first me. I was born in 1959 in Haan in Germany and come from a family with 6 children. In 1972 my parents moved to the Netherlands with 3 of the 6 children. I was 13 at the time and went straight to secondary education. It was certainly a difficult time as a teenager in another country, but I also enjoyed it a lot. My childhood in Germany was also unforgettable. Now I love the Netherlands very much, but Germany always attracts me. This will always stay as a home for me. I had a number of clothing stores of my own that I could also be creative in. Later I worked as an operational manager for textile companies abroad. Until 2018 I was able to do this worldwide with great pleasure and success until a life-threatening accident put an end to that. Yes, that was a very intense period for my family and myself to face death.

Fortunately, I am someone who can also be very positive and certainly still wants to enjoy life. During the rehabilitation, which lasted 2 years, I picked up my old hobby again. I had never put so much time into a hobby before; reading, courses, setting up a workshop, etc.. It was great to be busy again, but very different than before.

During that period I had a lot of support from my family and my dog. With my dachshund Hubert a lot of walking, cycling, playing etc and Hubert came closer and closer as a good friend. It became more and more fun and interesting to be able to translate thoughts into creativity and something tangible.

Now, 3 years after my accident, I make ceramic art for everyone who loves their pet as much as I do and that makes me very happy.


in farewell:

I would like to help people ease their grief when saying goodbye to their beloved pet. Furthermore,I have thought about what I would like if I had to put my sweet dog to sleep. I have incorporated this thought into beautiful ceramic urns and memorial stones. I will make a beautiful precious memory for your faithful friend. You can give the urn a nice place at home. A memorial stone can also be very beautiful in the garden. This way they are always near you and that ensures peace of mind. You can pass on your wishes and I will turn it into a beautiful unique work of art.

in luck:

Happiness is enjoying your pet. They put a smile on your face. I convert this into my ceramic works of art. This can be a beautiful memory that will make you happy every time you see it. You can choose from existing works, but I am also happy to make something according to your own wishes.

Happiness is your pet's love.